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Sep. 23rd, 2009


just so you know the title of this post had nothing to do with the entry
Here in Indonesia most people celebrate idul fitri, i think it called eid mubarak or something outta here, i couldnt care less though.
But thanks to that i got 2 weeks day off so i went home to my hometown malang. I guess i had nothing better to do than sleep all the day, thankfully my bf gave me a lot of DVDs, when i say a lot i really mean it. full episodes of kamen rider decade, den-o, kiva, and full epi of liar game drama, kimi wa petto, not to mention kurosagi.
i've only managed to watched some though, you know in my earlier post, i mentioned WTF, they had ma-kun as Atobe, its not i againts him or something.
I love him as Kadoya Tsukasa or kamen rider decade, tsukasa might act like a jerk, but i always love jerk lols. so after i finished with decade, i've already fallen in love with ma-kun. i searched for him at youtube with my only 64kbps speed- i way over my quota last month so i guess i had to endured this shitty internet connection-
back at ma-kun, i managed to find his duet video of heavy rain with aibachi from the 5th cast! with high expectation i waited patiently for that vid to load, when it fully loaded, the thing i found is only a great dissapointment. aibachi's voice is is crap, total crap, yuta's voice is a thousand times better *please dont kill me* ok, i admitted that i heard the yuta and katou's version first, but it is way better than ma-kun n aibachi's version. and to make it even worse, ma-kun's voice is crappier than aibachi. oh man, he might doing well as decade, but as atobe? what the hell.. still im not againts them, in fact i love both ma-kun and aibachi, i guess things would be better if they dont sing at all. well thats just my opinion afterall.


Link of the vid and pic of the castsCollapse )

enough for know, will write more later XDD.
anyway, its glad to be home.


Sep. 11th, 2009

my opinion regarding atobe's cast on tenimyu

i love both Katou Kazuki and Kubota Yuki as Atobe on Tenimyu. But not Masahiro Inoue.
I mean, what the hell is on the cast director's mind when he pointed  Masahiro Inoue as Atobe! way to cute for the role. imo, atobe is cool not cute, i think i'll consider to stop watching tenimyu since my fave actor has gone

Sep. 3rd, 2009

Bed scene!!

just wanna share my favorite pic taken from making of takumi kun series niji iro no garasu video! this pic taken after the director said "hai" then daisuke gasped for air as hamao giggled! *nosebleeding* hamao always laugh whenever they finish a romantic scene take, i think he is embrassed with the fact that he just making out with a guy, but daisuke looked like he enjoy doing love scene with hamao, watch the vid, and you'll know what i mean.

click to see the picCollapse )

the credit goes to whoever uploaded the making of takumi kun series video in megaupload!
thanks for uploading!!

Sep. 2nd, 2009

Takumi Kun series niji iro no garasu!!!!

OMG i thinks the last strand of my sanity has exploded by the time i ever laid my eyes at those damned making of takumi kun series videos! man, i obsessed with this story now, i even keep watching the movie again and again, all thanks to my bf as he managed to download this movie and for yami-izumi for the download links.
seriously, i obsessed with this! i even went to risk my monthly 2GB monthly quota with downloading the manga!  
i think i just stepped too far to this yaoi world..
and still havent found out how to use the lj-cut yet, when i found out i'll post pics from the movie, especially the bed scene!

Aug. 31st, 2009

(no subject)

i am freakin tired right now, trying to get some sleep before continue to finish my change management project. but when i lying on my bed i couldnt sleep at all, damn those curriculum planner, why in the hell i have to wielding, milling not to mention lathing some materials just to pass this manufacture process subject. i mean, hello? im a girl for crying out loud! wielding is clearly not my interest. well, lets continue on the list shall we?

3. 8 Volumes of Liar Game manga
synopsysCollapse )
i finished this in 2 days, if you ask you why 8 volumes takes 2days? well, you clearly havent read it by yourself. English isn't my mother language so its hard to understand the whole story without paying max attention to the manga. even if Liar game is written in Indonesian it still would be hard to read since it required a lot of brain work to understand Akiyama's trick.

gotta go, my right shoulder ache all over, will write down more tonight, or tomorrow maybe, im not sure.
have a great day!

Aug. 30th, 2009

My first Journal~~

OK, here we go my firtst journal here ~yayy~
This week is the craziest week in my life, i never spend so many hours sitting in front of my laptop, reading and watching so many mangascans and videos before. All thanks to my boyfriend as he managed to finish all my download queue. He handed me his 4GB flash disk at Monday and 2 DVDs at Friday. Let me write down the list for you:

1. 40 Volumes of Bleach,

 i finished it by Wednesday. Well, i know its kind of out of date since i just started to read bleach now. it cant be helped since here in Indonesia, most of the book rental here didnt have complete volume of bleach and the worst part is most of them (bleach volumes they had) are illegal edition, and the translation is awfully screwed up. so i decided to download all volume from the net and read them at once instead of wasting my tiny allowance T__T on something that i hardly enjoy. Now I had fallen for some kind of devotion towards Byakuya-sama and getting pissed off because he didnt get bigger portion than Hitsugaya in arrancar arc.

2.  Takumi kun series 2 Niji iro no garasu backstage video

i accidentally bumped into this movie when i was looking for more info of Kyousuke Hamao, (mao kun- the Kikumaru Eiji from Seigaku 4th cast) and i found out that he stared a movie with 3 other tenimyu actors, and one of them was Daisuke Watanabe (Tezuka from Seigaku 4th cast) and GOSHHHH, Kyousuke Hamao is way cutter here than in Tenimyu. And the best part of all he had a kissing scene with Daisuke Watanabe, and even a bed scene!!!!! i didnt consider myself as a yaoi lover, i'm not crazy over yaoi but still didnt hate them though. i found yaoi movei or manga is ok as long as the actors n chars are good looking. Man, its gross to watch someone ugly kissed another ugly guy. back to the vid, i think i had lost my sanity by the time i watched this vid. since that i never could see Daisuke Watanabe the same way as before, i mean he was SUPER aggressive at the bed scene and mao-kun was some kind -ehm- (WTH, i dont know what is the english word for "pasrah" nevermind that i guess i'll have google translate it later) and the kiss scene was SUPER long! daisuke even opened his mouth before his lips touch mao's lips GOSHHHH, the kissed for real!! and when the director said cut, they didnt break the kiss untill several "cut" word later.
but there is a scene that ruining my expectation to Daisuke, well, he was smoking there, i didnt see the cigarette though but saw the smoke from his mouth i think the purposely didnt shoot the cigarette. i never liked a guy who is smoking! grrrr but istill find that he's hot! hahaa

-to be continued-

well, gotta go for now, i still had my change management project. and i havent made any progress yet!
have a great day everyone XDD