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euphoenix's journal

-mythical bird that dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes-

24 May
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I am just a simple girl struggling in this world like everybody else and in the middle of a journey to find the meaning of my existence.

i am 21 years old Chinese girl born and lived in Indonesia. I am currently studying in one of best private university here, majored in Industrial engineering.
But none of my interest including engineering things let alone industrial-still struggling with my final project-

I love Japan in general, their culture, mangas, animes, games, actor, songs, 4seasons, foods and even language.
Found manga as my best stress-reliever when i was 8 and hardly lived without it until now.

I truly respected all mangakas and author who had contributed in my life through their works. Your works truly inspired me and your ideas are beyond my amazement!